About Me

My father told me from an early age that I could do anything in the world I wanted to do, but before that I must complete a college degree. I started putting myself through college and it took 7 years for me to complete my bachelor’s degree. I knew I would need a graduate degree to become a social worker or counselor and I was exhausted, so I signed up to become a Naval Officer. It was much worse than I could have imagined and I finally got released in 1990 and began the search for what I did want to do. I got another Masters degree in Counseling.

After being a Licensed Professional Counselor specializing in trauma recovery for women for over 7 years, I went through a painful divorce and took a sabbatical. I accidentally applied for and got a job selling basement waterproofing because I was so ignorant about sales that I thought a “company representative” was just someone who “represented” a company. I did not realize I was getting a “commission only sales position” or I am certain it would have frightened me. Marvelously I discovered that I am very effective in sales because I listen well and truly want to help.

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